Three new texts were commissioned to accompany Everything Flows, written from a range of perspectives, but each considering in some way the notion of being ‘in the zone’. In addition to these texts, New Scientist has kindly granted permission to reproduce an article on getting ‘in the zone’ first published in January 2012.

The new texts can be read online and can be downloaded as pdfs. Hard copies of all four texts are available in the gallery.

Stephen Mumford


Stephen Mumford speculates how becoming conscious of being ‘in the zone’ runs the risk of dispelling its effect.



Former international cricketer turned journalist Ed Smith reflects on the moments of ‘flow’ he achieved in his professional sporting career.



Sukhdev Sandhu ruminates on the way in which the phrase ‘in the zone’ has entered popular parlance.

Sally Adee


EXCERPT ONLY ONLINE Originally published in New Scientist, Sally Adee discovered that whether you want to smash a forehand like Federer, or just be an Xbox hero, there is a shocking short cut to getting the brain of an expert.