Roderick Buchanan Memory Drill

Roderick Buchanan

A multi-part installation that is a study in team interaction, reflecting on how whole teams can get ‘in the zone’.

Made with support from Dr David Shearer, Department of Sports Psychology, University of Glamorgan.

Cornford & Cross The White Bear Effect

Cornford & Cross

Presented on an arena-type LED screen, this piece captures the thrill of sport, and how that thrill diminishes if over-exposed.

Made with support from Dr Richard Ramsey, School of Psychology, University of Bangor.

Dryden Goodwin Poised

Dryden Goodwin

A lyrical single-screen film which explores the physical and emotional dynamics of a group of young female divers.

Made with support from Elsa Bradley MSc.

susan pui san lok Lightness

susan pui san lok

Pivoting on the pole vault, this three-screen video installation highlights the power of aspiration and how confidence and optimism are mobilised in sport.

Made with support from Professor Nicky Clayton and Dr. Tali Sharot.