Get ‘in the zone’ for kidsMonday 27 August, 11am

Cell biologist and artist Dr Lizzie Burns will be running two hands-on sessions for children and families to explore the science behind getting ‘in the zone’.

Build-a-brain workshop: 11am-12.30pm

Find out about the organ that makes you who you are and discover what happens to your brain while you’re playing sport.  Dr Lizzie Burns will guide you through the parts of your own brain in a fun and accessible way whilst helping you make a brain sculpture.  All brains to be taken home!

Get in the flow: Drop-in activities, 2pm-5pm

Dr Lizzie Burns will help get creative juices flowing, taking inspiration from the works in the Everything Flows exhibition.  Activities will include making flick-books, contributing to a team collage and finding out about the parts of your brain that allow you to balance.  Create a self-portrait showing the inside of your brain or make something unique to bring home.

Admission Free
Both events are suitable for all ages

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